Convert a same-sex civil partnership into a marriage

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In England and Wales, there is a lot of conversion going on.

You can convert your same-sex civil partnership to a marriage at the following locations:

1. a registry of births and deaths

2. a registrar’s office in your neighbourhood

3. a religious or recognized location where same-sex marriages are permitted, with or without a ceremony.

A marriage certificate will be issued to you with the date of your civil partnership.

In England and Wales, you cannot marry someone who is in an opposite-sex civil partnership.

Scotland has its own set of rules. In Northern Ireland, they cannot convert a civil partnership into a marriage. 

What you’ll have to spend on it:

1. A marriage certificate will set you back £11.00.

2. A civil partnership conversion costs £45.

3. If you’re having a ceremony, an appointment is £27.

The ceremony’s price will differ depending on the location.

What you’ll require for same sex marriage

You’ll have to sign a proclamation declaring your conversion to marriage. Make an appointment with your local register office’s superintendent registrar.

You’ll need your original civil partnership certificate as well as identification; ask the registered office what kind of identification you should bring.

Changing your name with a ceremony

To reserve a date for your ceremony, contact a registered venue.

You’ll also be able to hold the ceremony at locations that allow same-sex couples to marry, such as:

1. registered religious buildings for the marriage of same-sex couples

2. a location where, immediately following the conversion, a Jewish or Society of Friends ceremony will take place.

You and the person performing the ceremony can talk about the wording you desire. You are welcome to invite your friends and family, but no witnesses are required.

A declaration of ‘conversion into marriage’ must be signed by both you and your partner. The superintendent registrar must be present and sign the form.

The declaration can be signed by up to four parents (mothers, fathers, step-parents, or adoptive parents).

Foreign exchange

In some countries, you may be allowed to convert your same-sex civil partnership into a marriage if you started it in the United Kingdom.

A marriage certificate will be issued to you with the date of your civil partnership.

They cannot convert a civil partnership between men and women into a marriage.


If all of the conditions are being applied, you may convert your same-sex civil partnership:

1. You have resided in the nation for at least 28 days.

2. Your civil union was governed by the laws of England and Wales or Scotland.

3. You are all British citizens, at least one of you.

You can convert in any country.

To find out if you’re eligible and make an appointment, contact the British embassy or consulate closest to you. You can convert in the following countries:

You’ll require the following documents:

You’ll need the following items:

1. your travel document

2. the passport of your partner

3. proof of residency in the country you’re converting to (for example, a letter from your job or a bank statement)

4. the original certificate of civil partnership

What does it cost?

You’ll have to pay:

£50 for a marriage certificate, generally in the local currency £150 to convert your civil partnership – check with the embassy or consulate in the country on how to pay.