Correct a death registration

death registration

What corrections can be made 

A person cannot change a death certificate once the death registration has been issued, but you can request that a notation be appended to the original entry in the death record.

After that, you can receive an updated the certificate of death registration that includes this note.

Only when the information on a death certificate is incorrect (for example, a misspelling of a person’s name) may it be corrected.

What the correction looks like in death registration

In the death registration, the record will always show the original information. A remark will be added to the register’s margin when the adjustment has been approved. It will clarify what is correct information and when it has been corrected.

The notation containing the correct information will be in the margin if you request a new death certificate.

Who can apply

Anyone can seek to have a death registration corrected.

Before contemplating a correction on death registration, the General Register Office (GRO) will typically require a letter from the person who provided the information for the death to be registered.

How to Make an Application

To correct a mistake in death registration, you’ll have to pay £75 or £90. Contact the registered office where the death occurred for information on how to mail your application, the cost, and how to pay.

To update details on a death registration, fill out the application form and mail it to the registered office.

Demonstrating that the registration is incorrect.

You must demonstrate that the information provided during registration was incorrect. With your application, you must include documentation that demonstrates what information should have been included. These documents must be current or dated near the time of death.

Documents you can send includes a: 

  • Passport
  • Photocard driving licence 
  • Bank. building society, or credit card statement
  • Letter from a hospital or doctor
  • Letter from a government
  • Utility bill 

Corrections are usually not possible if you don’t send in proof.

If you do not request a copy of the certified copy that was given with the application, it will be destroyed.

Only documents that have been certified as true copies of the original should be sent in.

Observing the rectification

You must schedule an appointment with your register office if the adjustment is being done there. When you enter, you’ll see the correction and sign the death register remark.

If you’re applying to the GRO for a correction, you can specify whether or not you wish to witness the correction on the application form.

Legislative declaration

The GRO may require you to make a statutory declaration’ if you’re applying to repair a major error (for example, a mistake in a person’s name). If more information is required, GRO will provide it to you.

A statutory statement could be subject to a cost.

Application processing time

It will take a time to complete an application if it is not specified. You may receive a response in as little as 25 days.


Contact the registration office or the General Register Office for further information about making a correction application (GRO).



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