Houghton Registry Office Wedding Prices

How much does it cost to get married at Houghton Registry Office? View the Houghton Registry Office wedding prices and fees. For more information about Houghton Registry Office wedding costs and packages, please click here.


VenueAvailabilityNotice of marriage costFee payable on the day
Register Office Marriage Room, Civic CentreWednesday morning£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)£57.00 is payable on the day of marriage
Wearmouth Room, Civic Centre (currently unavailable)Monday to Friday£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)£170.00 is payable at the notice of marriage appointment
Mowbray Suite, Civic CentreMonday to Thursday£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)£270.00 is payable at the notice of marriage appointment
Mowbray Suite, Civic CentreFriday and Saturday£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)A fee of £300.00 is payable at the notice of marriage appointment.
Approved premisesUpon application£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)Two registration officers attend for which the council charge between £450.00 and £590.00 for their services. This does not include the cost of the venue.
Other Religious Building other than Church of England or Church in WalesUpon application£35.00 (or £70.00 per wedding)If a registration officer is required a fee of between £150.00 and £200.00 depending on the day of the ceremony is payable prior to the marriage for his or her attendance.


Houghton Registry Office Wedding Contact Details

Houghton Library Registry Office
74 Newbottle Street
Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear DH4 4AF
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: (0191) 561 6383
Email: houghton.library@sunderland.gov.uk