Register a birth abroad


How to register a birth abroad 

Your child’s birth must be registered by the nation’s laws in which the child was born. They’ll issue you a birth certificate from your hometown.

Whether applying for a passport or registering with a school or doctor, this birth certificate from your home country should be recognized in the UK. If it is not in English, you may need to have it translated and validated. 

After registering your child locally, you may be eligible to register your child with the UK authorities. You are qualified to do so if the child was born on or after January 1, 1983.

Although you are not required to register with the UK authorities, it does imply the following:

  • It will be registered at the General Register Offices or the Scottish National Records Office.
  • You can obtain a certificate of consular registration of birth. 

Even if you do not record your child the moment it was born in the UK, you can still apply for a UK passport for your kid.

You may be permitted to register a birth overseas if you are a member of the British Armed Forces or work for them. To see if you’re qualified, contact dbs-jcccgroupmailbox@mod.gov.uk.