Southwark Registry Office Wedding Prices

How much does it cost to get married at Southwark Registry Office? View the Southwark Registry Office wedding prices and fees. For more information about Southwark Registry Office wedding costs and packages, please click here.


Fees for the registrars to officiate at the ceremony

The fees for registrars at the ceremony are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday – £646 (ceremonies are on the hour from 10am to 4pm)
  • Monday to Thursday after 5pm – £861
  • Friday or Saturday – £771 (ceremonies are on the hour from 10am to 4pm)
  • Friday or Saturday after 5pm – £931
  • Sunday or Bank Holiday – £821 (ceremonies are on the hour from 10am to 1pm)


Southwark Registry Office Wedding Contact Details

Southwark Registry Office
Southwark, London SE5 8QA
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 020 7525 7669
Additional phone number: registrars@southwark.gov.uk