Visas when you separate or divorce


Inform the Home Office.

If your visa is formed on your relationship, you have to notify the Home Office if you divorce or separate from your partner. Then you must apply to stay in the UK or leave.

If you have permission to stay in the UK for a short time, your visa is based on your relationship as:

1. a dependent on your partner’s visa in the United Kingdom

2. a family visa holder’s spouse or partner

If you have a family permit, your visa may be dependent on your relationship.

The same restrictions apply if your ex-visa partner is based on your relationship (for example, because they are your dependant or because you are their “sponsor”).

How do I inform the Home Office?

Send an email to the Home Office announcing the end of the connection.

You must include both you and your ex-email partner’s addresses in the email:

  • the name
  • your birthdate
  • make a statement
  • name on the passport
  • Home Office reference number (found on all Home Office correspondence)

If you or your ex-civil partner have children in the United Kingdom, you must also supply the following information:

  • their names and birth dates, how much time do they spend with you or your ex-partner 
  •  the identities of their parents or guardians and who they are staying. 
  • How much child support or financial assistance do you provide each other?
  • information on any family law cases you’re involved in

Email-attached forms for the visa

One of these forms should be printed and signed:

1. Make a public statement if you don’t want your ex-partner to know anything about your email.

2. Consent form if you agree that the Home Office can share your ex-email partner’s address with them. 

In your email, include a scan of the completed form.

The Home Office can contact your ex-partner at the address you provide on both forms.

Where to send the emailĀ 


If you are unable to send an email, please get in touch with us.

If you do not have access to email, you can mail your signed form in a letter.

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Make an application to stay in the United Kingdom.

If you wish to stay in the UK and your visa is based on a broken relationship, you must apply.

After the relationship has ended, apply as quickly as possible. Do not wait till your present visa expires to apply for a new one.

How to apply for a Residence Permit in the United Kingdom

For instance, you might be able to apply for a new visa:

You could also apply for ‘indefinite permission to remain,’ allowing you to stay in the UK indefinitely. Examine whether you’ll be able to settle in the United Kingdom:

You can live, work, study, and claim benefits in the UK indefinitely if you obtain indefinite leave to remain. If you can meet the requirements, you can apply to become a British citizen.

About the Citizens Help website, you can seek advice on staying in the UK.